Amateur Radio Course

Mr. J. T. Wijeratne 4S7VJ prepared a complete course for Radio Amateur Exam General class having eight chapters ( It is also available in You can download these from following links. Some chapters are available in Sinhala language.

Chapter 1                        Chapter 1 Singhala
Chapter 2                       Chapter 2 Singhala
Chapter 3                       Chapter 3 Singhala
Chapter 4                       Chapter 4 Singhala
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Zip file containing all chapters

Radio Amateur exam past question papers

Novice Class     Download

General Class   Download

Other resources

  • Selection of International Q-codes useful for Radio Amateurs Download
  •  Prefixes for Countries Download
  • Abbreviations for CW operation and RST code Download
  • Morse code alphabet with voice equivalents and abbreviations for CW operations Download