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Dear Members,
An often asked question is How do I renew my Amateur Radio License?
Most licenses are valid to the 31st of December of the year in question. If your licence is expiring on the 31st of December 2021, or earlier or has expired already unknowingly you should immediately get about renewing it.
TRCSL says renewal requests along with necessary forms should be sent about 3 months before the date of expiry. You can do all the work via e-mail online without going to the TRCSL other than to get the book endorsed, which you can even send someone duly authorized if you are unable to do so yourself.
The following Documents are needed.
1. A letter to the Director General requesting renewal. A brief letter is all that is needed. INDICATE YOUR FILE NO: ATN
2. A copy of your NIC or  Passport, Driving Licence
3.Page 2 of your  Licence Book showing your Licence No, Class and Call sign.
4.Page 3. Showing your Equipment Table.
5.If your Page 3 does not show your period of validity; if you have renewed it after first getting the licence, then it would be Page 17 or 18.
6. Fill a renewal application form from the TRCSL Web site which you can download from the following link.
 Go to the TRCSL website and under Downloads, applications, you can download the Application form for the issue/renewal of an Amateur Radio Licence (Local)
Once you have filled the form, Scan or take Jpegs from your phone, of the documents and email to the following address     <>
In the Subject line please indicate  RENEWAL OF AMATEUR RADIO LICENCE
Your application will receive a reply with a Reference No, which you should preserve for any further correspondence.
Your application will be sent to MOD (Ministry of Defence) for approval and when the approval is given, you will also receive a copy of the email from MOD.
TRCSL will then send you an invoice for payment to their bank account.
Once you pay upload the receipt to the TRCSL,

They might ask you to deposit the hard copies of your application and photocopies of the documents at the TRCSL Box, but that is not mandatory. If convenient, do so with the Ref No written at the Top Left Corner of the envelope.

Please save this email for future reference and you are welcome to share this email with any radio amateur who might not be a member as the RSSL looks after the interests of all amateur radio operators.
If you need any further  information you can call me.
Victor Goonetilleke 4S7VK
Hony Secretary RSSL