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Lighthouse Dxpedition 2019

Dear Members.

This Interesting annual event, as in the past, will be held at a Light House. On the 3rd weekend in August Radio Amateurs all over the world go to light houses and operate, often with special call signs to highlight these often lonely places which do a great service to maritime traffic.
Every year, for more than 25 years, the RSSL has been taking part in this event.. The most number of times or the most popular have been the Beruwela Barbaryn Light House on Barbaryn Island( a boat trip of a little less than one Kilometer) and at the Southern most Dondra Light House. We have also operated from Point Pedru the Northern most lighthouse and also Mannar. Other Light Houses have been Colombo and Galle in the past.
This year by popular demand its Dondra (Devundara) and the RSSL is making all arrangements for members to enjoy this event. Dondra is easy to access and its by the side of the main Southern coastal road. The RSSL is securing a guest house within close proximity, so participants will have comfortable sleeping/resting accommodation.  We will share the cost which should not be anything big by any means.
The Dates 17th and staying overnight and returning on Sunday 18th. If sufficient people are interested we can stay the 16th night as well. Parking should not be a problem
Antennas will be set up for both HF and VHF operation and SWLs and Licensed Amateurs can operate under the Radio Society call sign 4S7LGT. Already 10 participants have given their names. There is no restriction. If you like you could even come for a few hours, share a drink and a snack, enjoy fellowship and operate the radios. On Saturday night we will have our traditional BBQ with Uthpala our Chief BBQ master. Good fish and chips, garlic bread and some vodka  😛 🙂
We have to give the names and ID card numbers of those who will enter the Light House, so please be kind enough to give us your names and ID numbers by the 10th of August latest.  Last minute participants Might not be allowed into the Light House premises due to security reasons.
CONTACT : Senarath 4S6WAS  0728187087
                    Victor 4S7VK    0711356113
Yur participation will be most welcome.
Victor 4S7VK
Hony. Secretary RSSL.