Extract from the 4S7 Journal

An Extract from the 4S7 Journal , October 1963

Written by Jim White 4S7NX

The Hamfest was a great success. Everybody duly arrived at Ekala on  the 21st August and was shown around the transmitting station.I remember there  was a AR88 being lined up with the aid of an oscilloscope and a wobbulator  designed by Paul Sollom VS7PS. A note of the  procedings was made by Ernie Perera VS7EP on a half  sheet of foolscap which I have in my possession. According to this note I was  elected QSL manager and against “REVS”, Ernie has written “Request to telegraph dept. re Xtals” and also slow Morse practice lessons on 4640 Kcs between 7PM and 9PM – VP3CO”. Would Ernie or anyone else who was present like to enlarge on this ?. Ernie’s note further indicates that the following hams were present.

Syd de Jong VS7DJ
Reg Karunarathne VS7RL
Roguie Fraquarson VS7RF
MMP Gunawardana VS7MP
Ted Beford VS7EBTony Wilson VS7PW
Ernie Perera VS7EP
Shelly Gunawardana VS7SG
Paul Sollom VS7PS
BD Rampala VS7BR
Dawson Burgess VS7JB
Bob Taylor VS7H
Gabrial Rockwood VS7GR
Jim White VS7NX

There were also present

Ebert Silva, Noel Gunasekara, Nissanka Meegama, C.D.Silva, H.B.F De  Silva, Engineer of VPB transmitting station at Welikada and Dixon Samaranayaka.It was arranged to read a Ham news bulletin on Sunday mornings from 8AM to 8.30 AM on approximately 7030 Kcs from VS7PS.

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