Office bearers

Office Bearers Elected

The 64th Annual General Meeting of the RSSL was held on the 30th of August 2015 and the following were elected as Office Bearers.

Patron                          : Hon. Minister of Communications.
Vice Patron                  : Secretary. Ministry of communications, Director General
Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.

President                       :Mr. Vasantha Guruge                    4S7VG
1st Vice President         :Mr. Santhush Jayasuriya              4S5JY
2nd Vice President        :Mr. Bharath Aponso                      4S6ABC
Hony. Secretary           :Mr. Ekendra Edrisinghe                4S7EF
Hony. Treasurer          :Mr. Rodney Martenstyn                4S7RM

Council Members elected at the 64th AGM

1. Mr. Ravi Sumithrarachchi         4S6RAV
2. Mr. Tissa Jayaratne                    4S6TIS
3. Mr. Sarath Kumara                     4S6ASR
4. Mr. Daya Buddadasa                  4S7DB
5. Mr. Dharshana Wijesinghe       4S5DSI
6. Mr. Kingsly Wimalawanse        (Ass. Member)
7. Mr. A. S. M. Riyad                       (Ass. Member)

Ex Officio
Mr. J. T. Wijeratne                          4S7VJ  (Immediate past President)

Auditors                     :  Ratnayake.T.A. & Company