Office Bearers 2017/18

Office Bearers Elected

The 66th Annual General Meeting of the RSSL was held on the  4th  of June 2017 in the air conditioned balcony hall of the Otter Aquatic Club, Baudhaloka Mawatha Colombo 7,  and the following were elected as Office Bearers.

President                       :Mr. Bharath   Aponso                4S6ABC
1st Vice President       :Mr. Nihal De Abrew                   4S5NDA
2nd Vice President     :Mr. Kamal   Edirisinghe           4S7AB
Hony. Secretary           :Mr. Cristy   Perera                      4S6CPT
Hony. Treasurer         : Mr. J.T.Wijeratne                       4S7VJ

Council Members elected at the 66th AGM

  1. Mr. N.C.Hapuarachi               4S6NCH
  2. Mr. A.S.M.Riyad                      4S6RYD
  3. Mr. Mahesh Sudharshan       4S6MPM
  4. Mr. Uthpala Withana              4S7UV
  5. Mr. Chaminda Dissanayake   4S6CBD
  6. Associate Member to be appointed
  7. Associate Member to be appointed

Ex Officio
Mr. Jaliya Lokeshwara                   4S7JL   (Immediate past President)
Mr. Mahinda Abeyawardhane      4S7PA   (Immediate past Secretary)
Mr. D.S.B.Sirimanne                      4S7DSB (Immediate past Treasurer)

Auditors                          :  Ratnayake.T.A. & Company
Company Secretaries : CIB Secretarial Services (Pvt) Ltd

Members of the Council