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RSSL Fox Hunt 2019


For those who are not familiar with the FOX HUNT let us give some information.
The FOX is a hidden transmitter which sends out signals every 10 minutes for a period of one minute and competitors have to locate the hidden transmitter using their antennas and receivers. It is in other-words a Direction Finding exercise. This is open to all members of the RSSL. The team leader has to be a member of the RSSL but he/she is free to have friends join him.  Since participants are not transmitting the contest is open to non transmitting members. So join up with a group or have your own team with some friends.
The organizers will give you a map covering a 5 km radius from the starting point where the fox would be hidden.  It is an exciting event as teams take readings from different points within that 5km area to  see where the  lines cross and try to find the Fox before the other teams do. The first to find the Fox will be the winner and many exciting prizes are waiting to be won.
Date 20.04.2019
Time 0900 to 1230
Stating place  Millennium Dr, Malabe   The shady drive just before the bridge. The starting point will be about 200 metres  after the turn off from the New Kandy Road.
Fox freq 144.220 mhz
Fox hunt voice stand by freq 439.900 MHz UHF Rep
Fox will be 5km  radius of a circle  from stating point 
Please bring your antenna compass and radio. A Good Team would consist of a vehicle driver, navigator and one or two people who would take readings, and plot the direction on the map. .
At this point there are two teams and we are sure we will have many more.  It will not be an Off Road exercise so any vehicle or a team on two wheeler will be fine.  Walking might not be enough to cover the area and find the Fox within 3 and a half hours., 
i have two teams conformed. We need to know at least by the 18th so that we can prepare materials.
4s7vj and team 
4s6cpt and team
4S7VK and team (opeen for team members 🙂 )
More details contact Jaliya 4S7JL  077 237 8108 or 4S7VK Victor 0711 356 113
Victor 4S7VK
Hon y. Secrtary RSSL