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Register on-line for the RSSL disaster management volunteer program

Please find our registration form which you can fill on-line and it will automatically come into our data base. We trust those who would like to help will come forward. You do not have to be a licensed radio amateur.  Our overseas members can keep in touch with us and they will get periodic updates on our project.

Click here to register On-line

Thank you.
Victor 4S7VK
Hony. Secretary RSSL

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The recent Tsunami warning and scare demonstrated again that no resource is enough and can be relied on at a time of crisis.  In 2004 the RSSL demonstrated to the World what radio amateurs can do even in this age of satellites and mobile phones, Internet and what have you.  The unique feature of Amateur Radio is that each communication point is manned not by a user, but by an experienced communicator who has been trained and is constantly using the medium and updating him/her self.  It is also a service where the players know what they are doing and can improvise and also meet whatever challenges that come up and face them.

To give a simple example: In 2004 when the Tsunami hit even though the Government’s Operations Centre was calling for help, the phones were impossible to reach due to massive saturation and overload. It happened this time too even with all the preparations.  However, in 2004 the Radio Amateurs on their own planned with very limited resources to do their part and when the team was about to leave for Tissamaharama we were called by the Prime Minister’s office, and asked whether we can really help? “Can we go to Hambantota? No electricity, don’t expect anything there” was the message. To which a simple unexcited reply was given. “We don’t need anything. Only your authority to say we are going to Hambantota at your request.”. That assurance was given and even the personal mobile phone number of H.E. the PM and our team of 4S7AK Asantha, 4S7KE Kusal, 4S7DZ Dimuthu along with two other personal friends established communications with Temple Trees within 20 minutes of reaching Hambantota through a very hard road trip.


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The RSSL wishes to thank the radio Amateurs who stood by to help in case of disaster on the Yatiyantota repeater on 145.625 throughout the critical period and until the Tsunami warning was removed. Once again it was proved that Amateur Radio can play a roll in such disasters because our lines of communications were open throughout unlike the telephone lines which reach saturation point making the entire mobile network unusable due to network overload. During the height of the situation electricity was switched off for 3 hours in the threatened areas.

Taking all the above points into consideration we have to be prepared for any eventuality so that our service can play an important life saving roll when needed. It might be good to always have a VHF rig charged up and also to have portable operational capability. We are fortunate that the threat passed off, but we have to always be prepared. It is not only a Tsunami that can create a disaster, but many other natural and other situations will make it necessary for us to be prepared.

Once again thank you for being on alert and also using our emergency link responsibly without hogging it and staying tuned in for instructions from the command station.