A few months ago Council Member Senarath 4S6WAS informed the Council that his good friend from Switzerland HB9IBG,  H.Tournier  was happy to donate a repeater to the RSSL. This is a programmable repeater which was ideal because it will serve to replace any repeater which goes out of order and also in case of emergency to act as a field repeater.

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The photos above show HB9IBG and Senerath 4S6WAS handing over the repeater to RSSL President Wije 4S7VJ at the August General meeting

During the 2004 Tsunami the importance of a field repeater was felt badly as Hambantota and most of the Southern and Souh East coastal areas were not covered by Nuwara Eliya and Yatiyantota at that time. As Asantha 4S7AK went around with the GA touring disaster struck areas in Hambantota the RSSL team of Kusal 4S7KE and Dimuthu 4S7DZ luckily were able to communicate via VHF as the GA’s office was up on high ground by the coast. However, the need for a field repeater was felt badly. As such we like to thank on behalf of the Council of Management Hipo HB9IBG for this wonderful donation and to Senarath for arraning it through his friend. The photos below show HB9IBG and Senerath 4S6WAS handing over the repeater to RSSL President Wije 4S7VJ at the August General meeting

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Past exam paper discussions available live

Past exam paper discussions conducted by 4S7VJ on the Yatiyantota VHF Net (145.625) during 10PM to midnight will be available via the streaming media link given below

Special thanks to Rajitha Prabath for streaming it live for those who doesn’t have a VHF receiving unit

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According to the Deputy Director TRCSL in discussions today  the examination is scheduled for the 23 SEPTEMBER General, 24th Novice and 25th Advance Class (in two weeks time.)  Admission cards have been posted and candidates should start receiving them if not already received.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ADMISSION CARDS EARLY NEXT WEEK PLEASE CONTACT MR. GANESHAMOORTHI DEPUTY DIRECTOR TRCSL. DONT MISS THE EXAMINATION.

The RSSL commenced classes on the 1st September and Morse classes on the 7th. Full revision classes will be conducted this coming Sunday at the club shack rooftop 86/2 Haig Road. Bambalapitiya. Contact 4S7VJ Wijay0711514498.If you like to follow these classes all you need is to join the Radio Society of Sri Lanka, which you can do on any Sunday at the club shack.

In addition we refer you the the RSSL web site for past question papers and answers. Starting Monday 15th the RSSL will be discussing past papers on the air on 145.625 on the Yatiyantota Repeater.

If you need any help please let us know. We stand ready to do whatever we can.

All good wishes to everyone.


Victor 4S7VK

Hony. Secretary RSSL

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 Every year this interesting event takes the air when radio amateurs hunt for islands on the air. There is an IOTA award which is much sort after by radio amateurs all over the world. Every island has a special IOTA number. Sri Lanka is AS 003 and all outlying islands are AS117 like Barabaryn, Delft, Kytes, Bathalangunduwa etc.  This year OM 4S6ABC Barath played host to the RSSL station 4S7RS operated by 4S6ABC, 4S6WAS, 4S7JL, Wijay 4S7VJ Rodney 4S7RM, Arosha 4S7BU and Amaranath 4S6ACN. The RSSL thanks all these OMs for their support and dedication to the hobby and also keeping the RSSL flag flying. A special tnx to 4S6ABC for his efforts, refreshments and hospitality over two days. Next year the RSSL plans to operate the IOTA event from Delft or Bathalanguduwa!!

The scores of the event are as follows.

26072014617 26072014616 26072014615
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SANDEEPANI KULASEKARA 4S7YL married CHAMITH WARNE in a very colourful ceremony on the 28th of August. Sandeepani is the YL harmonic of Kule 4S7KG and Sudharma and we wish 4S7YL a very happy xtal controlled life and wish every success in her attempts to turn OM Chamith in to a radio amateur. May all your troubles be small ones and may the QRPs be many! Congratulations both of you.


May all your troubles be small ones and may there be many QRPs! 73 and 88s.

NOT TO BE OUTDONE JALIYA LOKESHWARA 4S7JL bagged his best catch in THUSHANI on the same day so it was a dual-band operation for the Radio Society of Sri Lanka to have these wonderful young amateurs amongst us. Jaliya needs no introduction and is found in every event organized by the RSSL. Jaliya is a wonderful asset to Amateur Radio in Sri Lanka and is no wonder that be got a beautiful partner for life in Thusani.

JALIYA & THUSHANI you have everyone’s wishes and good will as you start on your new life together. Many 73 and 88s.JaliyaJALIYA 4S7JL & THUSHANI   AUGUST 31st at their Home Coming.

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