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Monthly Meeting April 2019

THE GENERAL MEETING OF THE RADIO SOCIETY OF SRI LANKA will be held on the 10th  of April 2019, commencing sharp on time at 6PM in the Balcony Hall OTTER AQUATIC CLUB, BAUDHALOKA MAWATHA COLOMBO.

All present will be served with refreshments as usual.

Hope to see you all at Otters.

Further News:

ECHO LINK:  The Echolink which the RSSL introduced to Sri Lanka immediately after the Tsunami in 2004, was out of commission. Thanks to our Young-Turk 4S6LEO completed the project initiated by Amaranath 4S6ACN and funded by VP Nadika 4S6NCH and is linked to the Pidurutalagala repeater. Use it to be in touch with the world and you out there to be in touch with the RSSL and SL Hams.
Back to Yatiyantota and the antenna was relocated and the trusty old repeater running just 4.7watts was put back into service with staggering results in the Sabaragamuwa and Western Provinces, its intended coverage area.
The UHF REPEATER: 435.100 and 349.900 MHz FM  (Test basis)  This project was initiated 3 years ago when Ron 4S7RO/VK4NRO and Jaliya 4S7JL gived a beautiful Australia made UHF repeater.  However, it took quite a lot of time to get the project moving and 4 months ago the present administration took it upon itself to move in the matter and we are thankful to the TRCSL and MOD for approving the project and also clearance for our repeater to be got down from Australia. It was air freighted as we didn’t want to lose any more time and within two weeks the repeater was brought, import licenses secured, customs duty paid, programmed by our technical team of 4S5SC Jayantha and Singhe 4S6LEO and in no small way assisted from Australia by Ron 4S7RO. Ron has been a great help finding software, material with total dedication to the RSSL.
Three years ago one of our Duplexers was in very bad shape and thanks to Ron it was tuned to better than factory specifications and always assisted by Jayantha 4S5SC. Vasanth 4S7VG has always been a tower of strength to the RSSL, always willing to give his technical support and also plaacing at our disposal valuable test equipment.
The UHF Repeater is running on Test Basis awaiting its more permanent location.  In the meantime we are requesting the TRCSL to grant us the standard 5MHz separation and we are hopeful to receive it.

RSSL SPONSORED RADIO AMATEUR COURSE:  This started 3 weeks ago and consists of theory and practical CW/MORSE classes. Its completely free as a service to members. The Classes are held at the Software company WSO2 premises at Colpetty  Liberty Plaza Duplication Road junction. You cant miss the board.  Classes are held from 9 AM to 1.30 PM. Please contact 4S7VJ  Wijay on  0711514498  or Afkaz   077332 0919.

KIWI SDR in Colombo: A Service to all SWLs and radio Enthusiasts. This is an SDR with covers 1 kHz to 30 MHz and is a communications receiver on line.  You can tune AM, SSB(LSB USB) and is very user friendly. What do you need to use this?. Just an internet connection to access it. 4 users can use it at the same time and thus you need not worry about not having a suitable receiver. All you do is  search    or just  SDR.HU and you will go into the website of nearly 200 or more such receivers and select whatever location and listen on line. (This is with the complements of 4S7VK to the international Radio Community.)
73 and good DX
Victor Goonetilleke 4S7VK
Hony Secretary RSSL
Tel 0112614098/0711356113