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Fox Hunt – 2017

RSSL VHF direction finding contest will be started on the Sunday 16th April 2017.
Frequency:-   144.220 MHz
Area: – in Colombo district
North:-  Kelani River
South:- Highlevel Road
East:- Padukka – Hanwella Road
West:- Baseline Road from Kirulapona to Kelani bridge.
Start :- at 12Noon on the Sunday 16th
End:-  at 12 Noon on the Sunday 23rd
Active time:-  8am to 6pm each day
Registration:- Any one who wishes to participate should send an SMS to  0772378108 with the names, before starting.
·         A  Public place or a private house where the entrance is not restricted.
·         Do not try to enter any place where the gate is closed.
      If anyone founds the location
·         Call or SMS  Jaliya 4S7JL on 0772378108
·         Do not disclose the location to any other participant.
The winner will be presented a prize at the AGM of RSSL..