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Fox Hunt 2012

Hi Members fresh off the Fox Hunt let me try to capture the excitement of a fantastic morning of fox hunting.

The event started off from Malabe from the vicinity of CINEC with 24 radio hams waiting to start off. Many cameras were clicking and directional Yagies were being assembled to start the hunt.

Jaliya 4S7JL set out the rules and everything started off at 9.30 a.m.. The fox was heard on 144.220 with a continuous CW ID as 4S7JL. The teams took their bearings and 4x4s were revving up to get off in the direction of Kaduwela. Soon it was obvious that the Fox was no easy catch and it took almost 2 hours for Nadika’s team of 4S5NCH assisted by Daya 4S7DB and 4S6ATL Tilak to track it down to the temple off Kaduwela. Sadly the other teams of 4S7VK, 4S7AB, 4S7VJ, 4S7KG were going round in circles!!! The task wasn’t easy with signals getting reflected off many buildings. Yet this gave a great deal of excitement.

The hunt was called off at 12.45 and the winners were declared and all congregated at Jaliya’s QTH for a fine lunch organised by Jaliya’s Mother-(our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mrs Lokeshwara. and of course Jaliya for a great event.)

The lunch was followed by the distribution of prizes by RSSL President Dammika and Secretary Victor 4S7VK to the winning team. The goodies included a mobile MP3player and FM transmitter, a Icom 2AC handheld(donated by Mancorad Radio Club USA) antenna handbook many meters of coax and connectors and a pack of magazines. A beautifuly done certificate of participation was given to all participants.

The whole event infused new life to the Amateur Radio activities and we hope to follow this up with an HF event soon.

Thanks again to everyone who could take part. Enjoy the many photographs.
Thanks again especially to Jaliya, Nadeeka and all those who helped.

Victor 4S7VK
Hony. Secretary RSSL
07th April 2012

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A Fox Hunt After Many Years On VHF 144.220 MHz 7th April 2012

The RSSL is happy to announce a long awaited radio sport of locating a hidden transmitter. Jaliya 4S7JL has gone to great lengths to get things going and let’s all chip in and extend our support. An HF direction finding competition will also follow very soon. Since we have more VHF band amateurs and also it is a little less complicated than HF, we are starting on this.

It should be great fun, so get your maps, and antennas ready to take bearings and hit the trail on the 7th of April, thats just one month from now.  Unlike in the olden days when maps were not easy to come by and information sketchy, the internet will give you a lot of info about direction finding.  It i also good to test your skills as we hear intruders on our VHF band from time to time who appear to be unauthorized people.

Participation free of charge. Please confirm your participation on or before 30th march 2012 to or 0772378108

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Modern Communication Technologies by Kusal Epa 4S7KE

Modern Communication Technologies gives an overview of new and emerging communication technologies of recent times. It introduces in simple language communication technologies and provides additional technical details in brief for those who are more interested in the technical aspects.

The following Analogue and Digital communication technologies are explained in this book.

Mobile phone networks, Mobile phone features, Evolution of Mobile Phone Networks,Wireless Mobile Broadband – GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA, GSM,3G UMTS, Long Term Evolution (LTE),Satellite Phones, Femtocells, CDMA,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMax, ADSL, ISDN, Leased lines, Fibre Optic communications, Metro Ethernet, FM Radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Satellite Radio, Television, Digital Television, Satellite Television, Cable TV, IPTV, Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), Dial Up Modems, GPS Navigation system, Trunked Radio, Cordless Telephones, Facsimile.

34 Chapters, 190 pages
Price Rs. 450.

Available at LakeHouse Bookshops.
Can be ordered online from

LakeHouse Bookshop

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Stono repeater back on the air 145.000/145.600

As members would know  this repeater which was the first to have been installed in Sri Lanka in the early 1980s at the OTS tower has had a long history. From the OTS tower it was moved to Oliphant Estate Nuwara Eliya where TNL is located. This was later moved to the HNB Towers and then to Gongala.  It was severely damaged in  Gongala by lightning and  was brought down to Colombo.  4S7LF who has vast experience at Stono as one of their senior engineers,  was able to restore it back to its original state.  However,  it needed a new 24v power supply and a controller unit.   We wish to thank Ron 4S7RO and Rohan 4S7RL for designing a controller unit and building it locally to highly professional standards for their home brew repeater, which was under test some months back, which has been made available to the RSSL for this repeater.

Since the 10th of February the repeater is under test. It is carrier operated and gives the station ID 4S7RS, courtesy  pips, and can be shut down when needed remotely.   Temporarily, it is connected to 4S7ROs  Yagi and is directed towards Colombo.  The direction is changed from time to time during the test period.  It is hoped to go up either at HNB Towers or at Nuwara Eliya after the test period. Please try to check in and give us reports.  The repeater runs at 3 watts.

We record our appreciation of Leo 4S7LF, Rohan 4S7RO and 4S7RL Rohan for their untiring efforts to get the repeater back on the air.

Hony. Secretary
Victor Goonetilleke 4S7VK