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On the 10th of March 2019 Vice President of the RSSSL Jaliya 4S7JL along with senior member 4S7VJ Wijay conducted a very successful VHF and 6 Metre antenna workshop at the Koratota sprawling residence of Jaliya. There were 26 members in attendance including the President of the RSSL, 4S7DF and Council members. 4S7DSB, 4S7VK, 4S7PA
The morning started with 4S7VJ explaining the theory of antennas, resonance, impedance, relationship to wavelength and also the art of using test equipment like Antenna analyzers and SWR Metres. This session was also aimed at the Radio Amateur Exam candidates sitting the examination later this year.

After the theory session the practical session of putting into practice what was learnt took place with seniors assisting the SWLs and new hams. Thee RSS is thankful to 4S7JL and 4S6MLM Hussain who bought materials in bulk at discounted rates and it was also, just come along and use Jaliya’s workshop, match your antennas and walk away with an antenna, just meeting the cost of the materials. What more could one ask one may say.

The RSSL provided refreshments and it was a very successful day of fellowship and strengthening bonds between friends and new friends.

The Picture gallery which will make you capture the mood of the occasion. Thanks everyone who helped and came along and our apologies to Jaliya’s xyl for messing up her house and beautiful garden.