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Amateur Radio Classes.

AMATEUR RADIO CLASSES – Commence March 10th Sunday

This course of classes will commence on the 10th of March and every Sunday thereafter with Wijay 4S7VJ doing theory classes and Kule 4S7KG doing Morse Classes. Wijay has been conducting classes for a number of years and is experienced in the field. Past Examination papers as well as theory per the Syllabai (syllabuses) will be discussed.

Kule will be doing the practical Morse/CW Classes. CW is mandatory for the Advanced class and that too at 5 Words Per Minute which is very slow compared to 12 and 20 WPM speeds for the General and Advance classes respectively, before the abolition of Morse for a General Class and reduction to 5WPM for Advanced. Even if not required for the Examination for General class, Morse Code (CW) is a fascinating language of its own. Using Q codes and standard formats it is the only way two radio operators who do not speak each others language can easily make valid contacts.

The classes will be free, with the only condition being that you are a member of the Radio Society. You can enroll on the days that the classes are held. This will not only be aimed at the exam but also as an extensive course with practical sessions from time to time.

While Kule and Wijay will be conducting the course experienced members will join from time to time to deal with various topics like Satellite, digital electronics, Disaster communications, operating procedures, antenna theory and radio wave propagation.

I might add these classes form a good base for strong friendships and group enjoyment of the amateur service.

Those interested in following these classes should call Wijay 4S7VJ on 0711514498,

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Victor 4S7VK
Honorary Secretary RSSL.