MORNING 40 METRE NET ON 7060 Khz 0145-0230 UTC (7.15-8.00 AM SLT)

Every morning a few Sri Lankan Radio Amateurs meet on their age old calling frequency of 7060 kHz to keep a long tradition alive which dates back to the early 1950s. It is not a Net as such but a round table to keep local High Frequency contacts going and also to encourage HF activity amongst the small community of radio amateurs in Sri Lanka. It also gives an opportunity for SWLs to get familiar with amateur radio.


QSOs are in Lower Side Band and signals are quite strong in Sri Lanka and South India. Stations regularly heard include Noel 4S7AVR, Trevor 4S7TZ, Nihal 4S7WN, Ekendra 4S7EF, Victor 4S7VK, Calvin 4S7CF, Nelson 4S7NE, Dammika 4S7DF, Nihal 4S7NS, Rodney 4S7RM, Mario 4S7SKR, Ravi 4S6RAV, Sena 4S6SSP,Senarath 4S6WAS, Kule 4S7KG, Wije 4S7VJ, Nadika 4S6NCH to mention but a few.

We urge Sri Lankan hams to keep the spirit of amateur radio alive on HF by joining in.  Click on this link to hear a typical morning rag-chew.

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