Please note that the June Monthly meeting has been postponed for the 3rd of JULY, Wednesday. The venue is the same, Otter Aquatic Club. 6 p.m Baudhaloka Mawatha.

This is to welcome John Meyer NZ9Z/4S7NZG who is in Sri Lanka right now. John and his friends in the North East Wisconsin DX Association (NEWDXA) launched this project to gift a repeater and antenna for the John and RepeaterRSSL. We would like our members to be present to show our appreciation to John from  the NEWDXA  and also to convey our thanks to the club who along with the Mancorad Radio Club in Manitowok, Wisconsin USA funded this project.  The repeater is on test at the moment on 145.650 output and -600 input at 145.050.  Your reports and observations will help us to fine tune the repeater.  It identifies both in voice and CW.

This repeater will be on test until we can make a final decision about the Yati repeater which is undergoing repairs at the moment; and the moment there is a good break in the wx to go up Yati we shall do the needful.  We are sorry for the inconvenience caused with the Yati repeater being out as it’s the mainstay of Sri Lankan Amateur Radio.  The Nuwar- Eliya repeater is working on 145.600 with a -600 input, but we are aware that it is somewhat hard to reach from the suburbs due to the Great-Western range obstructing a direct line of sight. Higher power of course helps. The regular RSSL Net at 1530 UTC is on the Nuwara Eliya repeater pending the re-installation of Yati.

Hope to see you on Wednesday at 6.P.M. At Otters to hear John 4S7NZG/NZ9Z who has come all the way from Wisconsin USA.

CONGRATULATIONS!! to 40+ who passed the examination held in December 2012. We are sorry the results have been sent only this past week.  Upon getting the results you should go to the TRC and collect a set of forms needed for your security/MOD clearance. It is after MOD clearance which could take a little while that you will get your license to operate with a call sign.

GETTING EQUIPMENT:   Please read the instructions here

If you have any further questions you are free to contact any RSSL official or the Secretary 4S7VK Victor at 0112614098 at any reasonable hour!!

Victor 4S7VK
Hony. Secretary RSSL.

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