On Sunday the 25th(Nov) the RSSL descended on Hanwella Nature’s Resort to enjoy a day of great fellowship.  31 members and their families, XYLs, YLs and harmonics came over to enjoy a fantastic day of activities and eyeball QSOs.  The day started with a welcome drink! and the November monthly meeting. The special feature was a demo of APRS and how it works and inviting people to get hooked on it by Kamal 4S7AB, Arosha 4S7BU and Jaliya 4S7JL.

The Tee shirts were there for sale and quite a few grabbed one and we have a few on hand and for those who don’t want to miss on one, please contact Senarath 0718687798 and get your shirt. There were membership certificates and  many magazines for grabs and Jaliya and Arosha hooked up a 40m HF station. However the fun and games were right there and not too many people got on the air as they did not  want to miss out on the fun, the RF and eyeballs.

Calvin(7CF) and Kule(7KG) gave a fine display of music making which got the boys and girls dancing to the beat of Kule’s rabana and Calvins guitar.

The offical Group Photograph(s) followed and everyone went across to enjoy their lunch and of course many jumped into the pool to display their muscles and their vital statistics & whatever they wanted to display!!!! The fun and the jokes were a plenty and it was laughter and smiles all the way.

A special dah, dahdit,dah di di dah to Leo 7LF for coming all the way from Bandarawela, Denver 7DA our guest of honour and Nelson of course  and 4S7DJ Jayantha, Calvin who needs no intro and the a big “thank you” goes to the XYLs for having come……Srenarath and XYL for giving many a lift, as did Nadika, Christy and Vk to get everyone there to have a great event. The many photos would have caught the mood of the event with some prized catches by Nadika!!

For those who couldn’t come, you missed a lovely outing and we missed you too because its the folks who make the spirit of the gathering with a little help from the RF!! Thanks to the dynamic young team in the RSSL spearheaded by Jaliya and all those who lent a hand with the activities and preparations…..the future is indeed great for Amateur Radio in Sri Lanka and we need more such outings!…enjoy the photographs! remember the magic words

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Thank you, 73’s
RSSL Council

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