Monthly meeting for June 2014

The monthly meeting for June 2014 will be held on the 25th as is customary on the last Wednesday of the month, at Otter Aquatic Club, Balcony Hall at 6.00 PM.  All are welcome. We will be discussing the proposed Light House DXpedition to Point Pedro or Karaithivu Light Houses


The Yati repeater was brought down for repairs to take off the bad noise at start up.  The Mark 4 repeater which was gifted by NEWDXA Wisconsin and registered for 145.650 which had some bugs was adjusted to 145.625 and put at Yati and it worked beautifully until around 2 PM on Sunday the 22nd at which time an audio problem developed.  However, in the meantime the old Yati is being repaired and is on test on 145.625 and we would like you to try it. It is at  Nadika’s work QTH under test. We hope to do the final touches and go up the treacherous road up to Yati as soon as possible.

We wish to thank Nadika 4S6NCH for driving up and taking the team including himself to Yati on the 20th along with Jyantha 4S5SC, Ron 4S7RO, Tissa 4S6TIS and Rohan 4S7RL who did an excellent job in installing the Mark 4 repeater there and Hustler antenna. It is unfortunate that technical failure set in on the 22nd afternoon.  However, do not be disappointed, we shall be back ASAP from Yati. Any interested member is most welcome if he/she could offer us transport.  a 4×4 vehicle is mandatory to do the hard trip up on a badly broken access road.

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4S7RO – 2 element HF Yagi

By popular demand the RSSL decided to have this workshop on Sunday the 8th from 8.30 A.M. TO 1.30 P.M at 82/1 Haigh Road Bambalapitiya where we have the club shack right on top on the roof garden of this 5 storey building. The idea is to make our members have better antennas and also become more aware of practical applications. We would like to help our members to know more about theory but more than theory the practical experience of making different antennas. ( Phots 4S7RO)

There will be antenna analyzers, SWR Metres and everything you require to make a good reliable and matched antenna. With the Intenet there are many designs, but sadly the internet doesn’t give you practical experience. So if you like to come together and do some antenna work you are welcome on the 8th.

4S7RO - 6 element LFA yagi

4S7RO – 6 element LFA yagi

 This is open only to members, however, if you wish to become a member you can do so on the 8th and proceed to take part in the work-shop. The RSSL will construct a demonstration model or two. If you like to watch and take part in it and go back home and do it yourself, that will be fine. On the other-hand if you want to make one and match it and perfect it, you are welcome to do so. OM Wijay 4S7VJ 07115144980711514498 will handle all registrations. We need to know beforehand about your participation. If we get your feedback fast enough we could arrange for the materials if you find it hard to bring them yourself. We will give specific details to those who want to come for the work-shop. We plan to make a hi gain yagi 4 elements and above. We will also discuss and construct other designs depending on the time.   Fibre-glass techniques will also be discussed and demonstrated.

Victor Goonetilleke 4S7VK

NEW RADIO AMATEURS: Please let us know your Call signs and details as we would like to welcome you and for other members to get to know you. One such is a YL (We need more YLs!) Binaka Gunasekara from Galle and a Diploma Holder from the Telecommunications institute in Galle-a student of Malinga 4S6MAL (Thanks Malinda for your great work for Amateur Radio and the RSSL.)

4S6BIN - Binaka Gunasekara

4S6BIN – Binaka Gunasekara

All the best Binaka 4S6BIN in your Radio Amateur carrier. We are indeed very proud to have young radio amateurs. The future of amateur radio is in the hands of people like you. Be active and we will give all the help we can!

Every evening while the VHF net is in progress we get text messages informing us that our SWLs are listening in. Some of them are our Council Associate member Sirimanne from Maharagma, Chanaka from Sri Jayawardenaura ( visually impared) Tharanga Prematilleke (undergrad electronics student at Uni of Wayamba) from Kurunegala, Attorney at Law OM Premachandre (Having passed the General Class awaiting clearance and Call sign), Anjula 4S7SAT from Lunuwila (waiting for a VHF transceiver) Sammy Daniel from Rajagiriya (eagerly waiting for the RAExam!)

Tharanga Premathilake

Tharanga Premathilake

and if we have any others please let us know and we will be delighted to greet you while the net is in progress. We are also interested in receiving your photographs in your listening post/shack. This is our young undergrad Tharanga Premathilake listening of a Homebrew receiver designed and constructed by 4S5RM Ranjit from Mirigama.

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The Radio Amateur Examination 2014 has been gazetted in the Government Gazette of the 16th May, calling for applications for Novice, General and Advance Class categories. Applications will be accepted at the TRCSL until the 9th of June.  The date of the examination has not been announced, but going by previous practices it could be in September/October.

Anyone over the age of 14 is eligible to apply for the examination. Application forms could be obtained from the TRCSL . There is a link to an application form on our website. If anyone needs an application form, the RSSL will be happy to help you. You can contact the Honourary Secretary, Victor Goonetilleke, 298 Madapatha Road, Piliyandala with a  self addressed stamped envelope.

While on the subject of Amateur Radio examinations, the RSSL conducts Sunday classes from 8.30-1.30 PM at the club shack 84/1  Haig Road, right on the top roof Garden.  The classes are conducted free of charge as a service to members.  If interested but still not a member of the Radio Society of Sri Lanka you can join the RSSL at the club shack any Sunday between 8.30 and 1.30 P.M.

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Month Meeting May 2014 28th Wed 6 PM.

The Monthly Meeting for the Month of May will be held on the 28th of May 2014 At Otters Aquatic Club.  380/1 Baudhaloka Mawatah, Colombo.Time 6 PM  Balcony Hall.

All members and their guests are welcome. We welcome OM Rashid 9W2TR the Vice President of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitting Society as our special guest this month.  We look forward to receive an introduction to Amateur Radio in Malaysia.

Victor Goonetilleke 4S7VK

Honarary Secrtary RSSL.

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The General Meeting for the Month of April 2014

The General Meeting for the Month of APRIL 2014 will Held on WEDNESDAY the 30th of April 2014 At Otther Aquatic Club Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Monthly meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month in the Balcony Hall of the Otter Aquatic Club 380 / 1 Bauddhaloka Mawatha Colombo 7. at 6.00 p.m. Its not far from the BMICH towards Borella. Continue towards the rear of the BMICH at the Wijerama Rd / Baudhaloka Mawatha junction.

Special demonstration of a very useful receiving dongle.

At the monthly meeting there will be a special demonstration to show you for just 10 US$ how you could have VHF 2 Metre receiving possibility. Come and see for yourself!!! Samy Daniel, one of our very active SWLs will make the presentation. Don’t miss it!

Please note that unless otherwise notified, monthly General Meetings will be held at Otters Aquatic Club at 6.00 P.M. on the last Wednesday of the month. Please also monitor the RSSL net regularly on 145.625 MHz at 0900 P.M. for RSSL announcements. You are welcome to contact any Council member if you need to verify meeting dates. Membership and ID Card applications can be obtained at the meetings. Membership renewals are also accepted by the Treasurer at the monthly meetings.

Victor Goonetilleke
Honarary Secretary RSSL

If you need more information please contact Victor (4S7VK) via

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